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Every individual is different with different needs. If you have been receiving therapy for a while and have not seen any improvements, you might want to get tested to receive more clarity in your situation.   

Psychological testing can provide a wealth of information that your counselor can use to design a more effective treatment.

Psychoeducational evaluations are also very helpful into identifying causes of school and academic problems such as ADHD, learning disorders, or information processing issues.

All those testings are similar to the process physicians go through when you visit them with certain symptoms. They would not prescribe you a particular medication before testing you to confirm you have a specific ailment or disease.

Assessment Specialization includes:

Emotional Difficulties

Learning Disabilities

Developmental Disabilities (Autistic Spectrum)


Behavioral Problems

Treatment Resistance Problems

Memory Impairment


Other evaluations include:

Adoption Evaluations

Career Problem Evaluations

Giftedness/Academic Evaluations

Meditation Effectiveness Evaluations

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