Laureavida Wellness is a health and wellness practice offering coaching services to clients across our 50 states. The main office is located in Marietta GA but all of our coaches primarily conduct sessions online via FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Zoom. 


Difference between a counselor and a coach?

Mental health counselors are trained to address experiences of your past that are negatively affecting your current life. They allow you to achieve a better life by teaching you the coping skills to heal the past. They concentrate on your healing process. 

Coaches are more process oriented and concentrate mostly on your future. They are here to assist you in achieving what you want in life. Do you have a vision for your life and do not know where to start? Coaches concentrate on your future goals.

Our coach also received training in self-sabotage. Most people do not get the life they want because of self-sabotage, fear of failure, or setbacks. Do you have a few self-improvement books on your night stand collecting dust? Our coach offers accountability, support and is trained to identify the situation. She will share appropriate tools to help you overcome your hurdles and finally reach a positive outcome. 

Some states in the US do not require any qualifications for coaches. Because, we, at Laureavida Wellness, always strive to deliver quality care, our coach received extensive training from a coach program accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).  




Our approach is unique in that we partner with mental health counselors when necessary to offer you with the maximum chance for success. We might find a client stuck in his or her situation because of past trauma. Coaches are not mental health counselors nor are they doctors. We would then partner with a mental health counselor at the office to heal the issues of your past in order for you to successfully work on your future goals with your coach.


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We help you evaluate your life, create a vision, and become WHO you really want to be, one SMALL STEP at a time.

We use a NON-JUDGMENTAL approach, offering a safe environment conducive to learning, stretching the boundaries, and exploring what could be. 

Above all, our coach focuses on helping you redefine and achieve personal goals during life transitions such as going to college, getting married (pre-marital coaching with Prepare Enrich), life after a divorce, planning for retirement. COVID has also transformed our lives and being able to retake control of it and setting a plan of action to create the life you want post-COVID.

Our coach is also a CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Technique) practitioner helping you identify your limiting beliefs and self-talk responsible for not achieving what you want.  We are your partner in your journey. We are here to help you SET GOALS, MOTIVATE YOU, CHALLENGE YOU, and we are your ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER. 

Our coach is a master of lifestyle change and will be your best advocate and partner in realizing the vision you want for yourself!

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