MRC offers group sessions and support groups on various mental health and wellness subjects. They are led by either a Therapist or Certified Life and Health Coach depending on the subject. 

Price can vary from $25/session to $45/session based on the subject and the instructor. We design the groups to take full advantage of the specialty of each of our experts.

There is a difference between group sessions and support groups:

– Support groups could be weekly for a period of time. There is less teaching and more processing, where the instructor moderates the class and intervenes in helping the discussion progress by introducing new concepts and coping skill techniques, but the emphasis is mostly on processing. 

– Group sessions are concentrating on a particular topic and are more of a learning experience where information is presented by a subject matter expert. There are also discussions among peers but there is a higher emphasis on teaching, learning, and experimenting versus processing. 

It takes time for a new habit to become your new baseline. To give you the best chance for success, most group sessions have a commitment of a certain number of weeks depending on the subject. The tuition is due in total upfront to give you an additional incentive to fully commit and start to make the changes you need.

Depending on your situation, groups might not be a substitute for individual counseling and might not be enough for you but it is a good place to share your story and struggles with others in a similar situation and not only learn new techniques and skills from the group leader but also learn from your peers.

 All our classes and support groups are small, a maximum of 10-12 people so you get the maximum benefit from the experience. Considering this, do not wait to enlist if you see a class or support group you need! 


come as you are round


Moderated by: Jeremy Hallock and Melissa Letzler, MRC Therapists 

When: starting Mid to Late January 2023

at our office on Johnson Ferry Rd

Price: $49.99/ session or $359.99 for the 8 sessions

This support group is to help teens mainly seniors learn new life and social skills, including managing moods, learning problem solving skills and boosting self-esteem…


2850 Johnson Ferry Rd. Suites 200/250, Marietta, GA 30062

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