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Below are some of our favorite products that we use and enjoy. These suggested products are geared towards improving your mental health and wellness.

They range from self-help/ mental health education books to supplements and other products.

None of these suggested products are meant to replace any medical treatment. Please, review those with your medical provider before using to ensure there is no potential for adverse reactions with current medications.  


Please make sure you check with your physician before taking any supplement or any new product. Some can interact with certain medications, such as blood thinners for example. 

You accept full responsibility and release Marietta Roswell Counseling LLC and their therapists, coaches, representatives, or agents from any and all liability.

The link to those products is offered to you as an additional convenience. The product is only one click away instead of spending additional time searching for that particular product on Amazon or any other website! Enjoy!

As Amazon associate, we may earn a small percentage from qualifying purchases at NO extra cost to you. We are proud of and will only promote products we believe in and that we think you will enjoy and benefit from! 

The small percentage of compensation we receive helps us keep our blog current providing you with mental health and wellness information as well as keeping our website current and optimized. Thanks for your support!

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