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While our life and health coaches primarily conduct sessions online, our therapists offer them in various circumstances. Obviously because of the pandemic, a lot of our sessions are currently held online. Those online mental health sessions are called Telemental health counseling sessions. You just need a computer, laptop, or iPhone and internet service. For therapy sessions, we offer online sessions for all of GA and also FL, NC, SC, KY since Laura Haines is licensed in the 5 states. Our life and Health coaches cover the 50 states of the US. We understand privacy is an important factor. Accordingly, all online sessions take place via Zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp to stay compliant with privacy standards.

Since life gets busy, we understand how difficult changing schedules can be. Sometimes you cannot find the time in your daily routines or do not want to fight traffic and add to the stress of getting to a scheduled meeting on time. 

You might be struggling with debilitating anxiety or depression and getting out the door is a major issue. We, at MRC, are making sure that, regardless of the reason why it is difficult for you to come in-person, we can accommodate you with online sessions.

 You might live too far away in other parts of metro Atlanta or rural GA and still want to see one of our therapists or coaches. You might also be living in FL, NC, SC, or KY and chose Laura Haines as your mental health therapist.  

While you are on vacation and out of town, your problems have not gone away or a crisis has emerged. Consequently, we understand clients may need counseling while on vacation and Telemental health allows you to get the support you need wherever you are. 

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