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Child therapy is very beneficial for children to process challenges in a healthy manner. An individual’s brain is not fully developed until mid-twenties and situations are processed very differently than adults. If not handled properly, challenges during childhood could affect how the person handles relationships and situations later in life and could equate to unhealthy behaviors in adulthood.

Most of our counselors are trained to deliver child therapy and help children effectively process their current and past challenges:

Laura is trauma certified and offers child therapy to children 6 years old and older. She uses her training in trauma to discover with the child the challenges needing to be addressed. Laura also helps children on the spectrum with social skills and every day life management.

Christie is accepting children starting at the age of 3 years old. Christie is our sand tray specialist. Sand tray is an expressive modality allowing the individual (it could be applied to adults as well) to create his or her own microcosm with the help of miniature figurines and colored sand. This microcosm acts as the replication of the person’s own life helping the individual process emotions, resolve conflicts, and work towards reaching a higher level of self-acceptance.

Raven accepts children 9 years and older. She worked as a social worker with the department of Georgia Family & Child Services on difficult family cases and is very familiar with children’s struggles to acclimate to sometimes challenging family situations.

Debbie is accepting children 6 years old and older. She was a school counselor for several years in South Carolina and is very familiar with the school system and interacting with teachers, school counselors, and families. 


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