Because of farming practices and how our food industry works, produce and ingredients we buy do not offer the same concentration in nutrients they once were. 

Many of us are deficient in certain minerals or nutrients and taking a supplement sometimes helps.

Taking supplements should not replace a daily healthy diet but should instead complement it!

Please refer to your physician to ensure the supplement does not interfere with your current medications or any health condition.

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Looking to improve your digestive health? 


Probiotic supplements are great for your digestive health. If you have IBS, or any kind of digestive issues, taking Probiotics daily could be your answer. Align has changed my life and I can tell when I miss a few days. Probiotics could help also with depression and your immune system as well.



Try it daily for 1 month and notice the difference! If this one does not work for you, try another one. Everyone’s body is a little different. This is not a substitute for a healthy diet. You still need your lean proteins, greens, fiber and healthy fats




Want to avoid taking sleeping pills, try this!


A lot of us are deficient in magnesium. Magnesium is an essential nutrient for mental health and critical for relaxation.


If you struggle with anxiety, ADHD, bipolar, anger, irritability, back pain, sciatica… or just want a more restful night, try this supplement, this is a powerful relaxation mineral!


PS: I have tried other brands and this is my favorite. Sometimes for other brands, the powder does not dilute as well in water and it leaves a residue.




Want to avoid taking sleeping pills, try this!


Same product as above (see above description), but with a different flavor. I use it sporadically at night when I feel anxious or stressed and I always sleep like a log when I take it. It is my miracle powder!


Please make sure you check with your physician before taking any supplement or any new product. Some can interact with certain medications, such as blood thinners for example. 


You accept full responsibility and release Marietta Roswell Counseling LLC and their therapists, coaches, representatives, or agents from any and all liability.


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