Family Counseling


We focus on helping families improve their current environments. The client is the family entity as a whole. Our counselors guide families through identifying and overcoming various issues. Family counseling helps families learn how to effectively communicate in a healthy way. Counselors also support families in finding ways to manage stress and acquire better work-life balance. 

In case of a divorce, we work with parents to provide them with healthy co-parenting skills. We also help families experiencing life transitions such as children moving out, a growing family, a blended family and more.


Divorce can be challenging on all family members, not just the couple. For this reason, it is critical to ensure parents are on the same page in order to make the process as easy as possible for the children. Counselors will guide parents in processing the stress and emotions coming from a divorce as well as setting into place healthy behaviors and communications between parents so other family members can more easily adjust to the new situation.


Life is consistently changing. Whether your children are growing up and moving out, you are going through a divorce,  or dealing with grief and loss, counseling can be beneficial for you and your family to process and accept the new reality so you can move on with your life in a healthy way. 


Pam Carr, our addiction specialist, as well as the other therapists below, conduct family sessions, either at the office when possible or online when family members live in various geographic locations. Providing support and the proper tools to family members of someone dealing with addiction is pivotal to this individual’s successful and lasting recovery. 

When dealing with addiction, the entire entourage of the individual is affected and very often lacking the support and knowledge to create and preserve a positive and supportive relationship with that individual. Similarly to co-parenting, the family dynamics have to be discussed. The recovery success is often dependent on the entourage being on the same page and adopting consistent healthy behaviors. Often, co-dependency and boundary issues enable the addictive behaviors.

We, at MRC, often see that family members of individuals dealing with addiction are overlooked and under-served. The actual needs of the entourage also have to be met as the family goes through the trials and challenges that addictive behaviors inflict on relationships.  


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