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Emory MBA, Certified Life and Health Coach (CLC, CHC)

Specialties: Life Transitions, Healthy Lifestyles, Stress Management, Pre-Marital Assessments

Clients: Individuals 16 years & older including Seniors, Groups

Modalities: CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Practitioner), Certified Prepare-Enrich Pre-Marital Assessments

Hours: Weekdays (except Fridays): Day Time and Evenings



Life is full of excitements, hopes, disappointments, successes, and failures. We make optimum choices for ourselves when we know ourselves well and are healthy in mind and body.

Bonjour! I was born and raised in France and have lived in the States for 27 years. I have always kept my French Heritage including a healthy lifestyle as well as a passion for life. Even though the Health and Wellness career is a second career, it was second nature! 

I enjoyed a successful corporate career for over 20 years after finishing my MBA at Emory University with an emphasis in Finance. When my company decided to move my department to LA, I decided it was time for a change. Finding a career where I could give back was exactly what I needed. My lifelong passion for wellness and healthy living combined with my goal oriented and highly motivated personality led me to seek a Health and Wellness coach certification. 

As a Life & Health Coach, I am passionate about helping individuals imagine, design, manage, and achieve goals for a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Life challenges are not foreign to me. Coming to the US from France and going through many hurtles and setbacks to build a successful personal and professional life here, I have learned to navigate through challenges, reset goals, and stay motivated to achieve my life vision!

My passion is to help people navigate through voluntary and involuntary life transitions:

How has COVID changed your life? What do you want your life to look like post-COVID and the opportunities you want to explore? 

Is your child ready for college? Do they know how to set a budget, set boundaries with friends, know what a healthy relationship looks like, understand study/life balance, know what they want to study, understand about healthy nutrition and wellness?   

I am a Prepare Enrich Facilitator and offer pre-marital coaching! As you get ready for marriage or simply want to deepen your relationship, do you want to better understand the dynamics of your relationship? Have you talked about all the major aspects of your life together and important topics? Do you know how to fight in a healthy way? One of the major challenges for couples is personal finance. Do you know how to set a family/couple’s budget and do you agree on how to handle finances?

While our counselors help you with the trauma of going through a divorce and the grieving process, I help you redefine yourself as a person and where you want your new life to go! Who are you and what do you really want? What defines you? What does a healthy lifestyle looks like mentally and physically? 

Or are you thinking about retiring and how it might look like, financially, emotionally, socially…? What is important to you for your golden years? How will you stay mentally and physically healthy as you age so you can do the things you want to do?

As a Cognitive Behavioral Practitioner, I primarily use the CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Technique) modality to help you acquire the right mindset in order to successfully achieve your goals!

My approach is integrative, looking at all aspects of life, health, relationships, money, career, and spirituality. All areas are connected as we tend to handle all areas with the same approach. An issue in one area generally affects other areas. I also regularly attend seminars and continuing education to stay on top of the latest research, techniques, and protocols.

My programs are designed to create new habits for a healthier lifestyle, one small step at a time for achievable long-lasting success.

Sessions are mostly digital via FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Zoom and can also be at the MRC office. My initial introductory discovery call is free.


NOTE: Due to the importance of confidentiality of our clients which is our highest priority, we are enable to publish anything that would reveal their identity including their names

"Signing up to work with Sophie Webster at Laureavida Wellness LLC for Life Coaching was the BEST decision I have made it a very long time. When I started the program with Sophie I was at a difficult time in my life having just ended a very toxic relationship. I was exhausted, I felt unhealthy, I wasn't feeling great about myself or work and I was living in a hotel while water damage in my home was being fixed. I knew I was at point in life where I wanted to make some positive changes and break the cycle of putting everything above myself and toxic relationships and make better decisions.

Sophie helped me set clear goals for myself and gave me the tools to make more informed and better decisions to achieve those goals. I am excited about life ahead and I know I am in a much better place to make decisions that are right for me and have the confidence to do so.
I can't thank Sophie enough for the positive changes she has helped me make, and for the ones I will continue to make."

"I had only known one career for over 22 years when I found myself facing an immediate change. I reached out to Sophie and am grateful for having met her. She is professional, compassionate and intensely interested in assisting me as I navigate my way through my options. Her passion for her work and her desire to help is evident with encounter. She has given me the confidence and the push to succeed during a difficult time.
If you are considering working with a professional I strongly recommend Sophie Webster!"

Was just what I was looking for in a life coach to help me get to the root of some issues, and get excited about the future."

Sophie Presenting


Sophie often partners with our MRC counselors to educate the community on various subjects affecting mental health and wellness. 

Quite often the most effective approach to managing or improving various issues requires addressing both mind and body simultaneously.

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