Relationships are hard and require constant work. Scott greatly enjoys offering Marriage Counseling to his clients, helping them navigate through hard times and seeing their relationships grow to new levels.

He has been following the Gottman Philosophy and extensive research of thousands of couples and their findings on what makes relationships survive and be healthy.

Visiting the beautiful state of California, he attended last week the second level of Gottman certification, which encompasses three levels for full certification.

This extensive three-day class was taught by Dr Nancy of LA in a small group setting with a heavy concentration on case studies of couples who volunteered to share their struggles.

In order for counselors to immediately practice a considerable amount of material learned, they were asked to engage in many role-playing exercises and apply all the Gottman techniques.

This has been an amazing experience for Scott and he came back to Atlanta greatly inspired by all the additional expertise he has acquired and is eager to put it into action.


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