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Prior to the first session, all clients must complete the following 4  step process:

 1. PRINT   –   2. READ   –   3. COMPLETE   –   4. RETAIN / RETURN:


Notice of Privacy

(Client Retains for their records)

Client Information Form

(Age specific)

Child   –   Adolescent  – Adult

(Client retains a copy & returns completed prior to or at 1st session)

Client Agreement & Informed Consent

(Therapist specific, click on your therapist’s photo to open and download)

(Client retains a copy & returns completed prior to or at 1st session)

Telehealth / Virtual Clients


All of the forms (client privacy, client information & client agreement forms)


Telehealth Assessment Form

(Client retains a copy & returns completed prior to 1st session)

Form for all clients:

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Forms for Children
(3-13 yrs old):


To be filled out by parents or legal guardians. 

Group of teens

Form for Adolescents
(15-19 yrs old):

come as you are round

Form for adults
(20+ yrs old):

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Telehealth Assessment Form:

This is an additional form to fill out ONLY if you opted for virtual sessions:


Click on your therapist’s picture to download your client agreement form. 

Print and complete your form before your first appointment so you can start right away with your counseling session!