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For a lot of us, our work-life balance in the COVID area has changed!

 Working for a Fortune 100 company which did not believe in working from home, I have endured through a 2-hour daily commute for nearly 20 years. 

When my company decided to move our department to LA a few years ago, which would have been worse, I had had enough! 

This was the perfect time for me to finally follow my lifelong passion around wellness which would offer me a better work-life balance and a more rewarding career.  

Hi, I am Sophie Webster, Certified Life and Health Coach, and I love making a difference in people’s lives providing new perspectives, stretching you, and helping you create the life you desire.

What new opportunities has COVID brought us? Has your job changed and is it still fulfilling your needs?

Some of my clients are embracing new opportunities that COVID brought to their lives. Is this working from home indefinitely and having more time for self-care or your family? Is this being able to move to a place where you really want to live, possibly cheaper, with more space or closer to nature or the hobbies you want to dedicate more time for? Is this being able to spend summers at the beach or the mountains with your family while telecommuting?

Welcome to a new way of life and the opportunity to be more in control of it!

The BBC, in one of their recent articles stated that “now that the world has shifted, the way we feel about work and our careers will never be the same”.

“Large employers like Twitter and Facebook have announced ‘forever’ remote-work plans”, the BBC states.

As people get a glimpse of the “working for living” over the “living for working” lifestyle, they question what they are passionate about. Many have jumped on various digital opportunities such as digital courses or certifications to learn new skills and update their resumes so they can transfer into a more rewarding career. A career specialist in Manchester, UK, tells the BBC that “his company’s clients are using this time to reassess their jobs and values. The thought of returning to the regular commute, continuing in the same monotonous position or sacrificing one’s values and beliefs for the sake of money, are all common reasons for looking for new opportunities, or even a career change”.

However, not everyone thrives by working from home, the fridge or pantry are way too accessible, kids and family make it difficult to find a quiet place to work, finding a new balance and healthy boundaries around work are a challenge… Does it seem more acceptable now for your boss to contact you in the evening? What is the best way to unplug while at home and not feel like you cannot escape work?

Being able to use the time you used to spend commuting for exercising and taking the fresh air is a powerful way to start!

This new lifestyle takes some adjustments and discipline, but it gives you the opportunity to better manage your work-life balance and gives you more hours in the day to practice self-care! The idea is not to work more hours but instead to work more efficiently, to be more rested and less stressed so you can give more of yourself at work as well as to your family! As the BBC puts it “the challenges are major, but on the other side, the rewards also may be!”

If you are struggling to find that balance, I can help as a Certified Life and Health Coach, click HERE to contact me.


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