Tree on a Cliff


Are you experiencing setbacks and having problems reaching life goals? Are you frustrated by life and its unexpected twists and turns?  You had a vision and life is pushing you in a different direction? You are not alone.

I was on a family trip recently visiting the beautiful parks of Arizona and Utah when we came upon a peculiar tree in Bryce Canyon. We all stopped to contemplate it, astonished at how it had survived the elements in such a bare and unforgiving environment at the edge of a cliff without any proper soil! Despite all odds, it found a way to survive, further proving the common adage:

“When there is a will, there is a way.”

What makes some of us successful at reaching life goals and some of us fail? A bad set of circumstances or just the wrong approach, the wrong attitude, the wrong beliefs? Do we know ourselves well and what we are truly capable of achieving? What does our self-talk tell us?

The scare to disappoint or fail could block us from reaching life goals! Staying in our safe zone and falling short of creating the life we want for ourselves could be coming from our own beliefs.

One of my favorite paradigms from the Health Coach Institute, the Life and Health Coach school I graduated from goes as follow:

“Beliefs create our experiences, and experience confirms our beliefs.”

We sometimes live in a somewhat artificial world called denial. We find any evidence that will confirm what we were told so we can stay safe and in known territory. But is safe where we want to be?

Our beliefs come from early childhood and were taught by our caregivers such as parents, grandparents… They could also be coming from negative experiences such as a parent with a mental illness or an addiction, trauma, and or parents divorcing and could negatively influence the way we approach situations for the rest of our lives unless we decide to experience transformation and create new beliefs.

Those beliefs could help us achieve great things in life or stop us from reaching the life of our dreams.

If it does not serve you well, decide to let go of your map, open yourself to new possibilities, take a chance, decide what is still in line with your current self and what needs to be upgraded for you to reach a higher self. Taking ownership and responsibility for your decisions and their consequences will feel liberating.

There is good news. Research shows that, with time, patience, and consistency, we can teach old dogs new tricks. The brain is a lot more plastic than previously thought and new neuropathways can be built even at an older age.

Professionals such as Mental Health Counselors and Life Coaches are trained to help you evaluate your life and guide you in your journey to change. To correct a difficult childhood, our Mental Health Counselors are equipped to teach you the skills to let go and think and act differently. If you are overwhelmed by current circumstances, stressed and not sure where to go from here, our Life Coaches can help you redefine your path, one small step at a time. If you have poor lifestyle habits affecting your health, our Health Coaches will educate you and guide you towards a healthier you.

 Be bold and engage, fight for what you want like the tree at Bryce Canyon. Life is short, embrace it! Be different, reconnect with your inner-self and your true values. Seek what you want to become, regardless of society’s restrictions and limitations. Dare to be different!

There will be falls, but the lessons from them will push us forward as illustrated by Nelson Mandela, a man who knew so well the price of challenge:

 “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

Make yourself visible, step out of your comfort zone, be fully committed! Believe in yourself. Each of us is unique, and, with dedication, we can work on becoming what we really desire to be, one small step at a time!

Sophie Webster,

Life and Health Coach 


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