Asha Patel at the office


MRC intern Asha Patel joined our team this summer for an internship with MRC and PennWeb LLC, a small business consultant helping us manage our mental health counseling practice. 

Asha is a 3rd year marketing major from UGA specializing in Digital Marketing. Asha worked with Sophie Webster from PennWeb LLC to revamp our website and optimize it. 

We have been so impressed with Asha’s ability to quickly learn and excel. Asha was not familiar with WordPress at the beginning of the internship and after some training from Sophie Webster, she ran with the knowledge and quickly became a Subject Matter Expert in WordPress and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Asha was so excited about getting relevant experience: ” I learned about SEO in a class at UGA but until you get practical experience, you are not sure what you are talking about. I know about SEO now and understand how to optimize a WordPress site!”



We so appreciated her hard work, professionalism, and positive attitude. She took each task to heart and gave her best everyday at the office. Asha was able to contribute at many levels, helping with her knowledge in graphic design and adding her style to the MRC website.

MRC intern Asha Patel  naturally took charge by providing feedback and recommendations that were greatly appreciated. Her style and personality made it a pleasure to have her onboard and she quickly earned the respect of all members of our team. 

Asha said that she really enjoyed her internship with PennWeb and MRC. She stated that, in comparison to some other students with internships in bigger companies, she was able to really learn a lot with us and at the same time keep a good work-life balance and still enjoy her summer.  She was also really excited to be able to learn more about mental health and our impact in the community. Many students these days are dealing with anxiety, depression, and stress and she is passionate about mental health awareness and knowing there is help available for people who need it.

We hope to see Asha again at the office and in the meantime, we wish her a great year at UGA and are convinced that a bright future is ahead of her. Asha would be a great asset and team player to any company. See you soon Asha, you are thoroughly missed!

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