Scott and Ansley with donuts



Friday the 15th of February, Scott Pennington, Clinical Director at Marietta Roswell Counseling, went to Harrison High School in West Cobb to present Ansley Lovett donuts and an Amazon gift card. Ansley, the school counselor of Harrison High, won the $30 Amazon gift card from our raffle at the Cobb County School Counselor yearly meeting earlier this month. 



The meeting of all the school counselors of Cobb County is an event that allows counselors to discuss current trends and issues in Cobb County Schools and also attend training in various areas of their specialty. The theme this year was “Counselor Strong” emphasizing the strength Cobb School Counselors demonstrated in supporting students, parents, and faculty. 

The recurring discussion we had this year with the counselors was about the level of anxiety and depression seen among students.

Marietta Roswell Counseling is dedicated to helping schools in any mental health challenges happening within the student body, faculty, and among families. We are also ready to give a hand in case of emergency or crisis in any of the schools, especially in East Cobb, since this is where our office is located and where we can more quickly be dispatched.

Our practice is a new and growing mental health practice created by Scott Pennington who has already been practicing counseling in Cobb County for nearly 10 years and is a member of the Cobb County Prevention and Intervention Organization. We will have several new faces coming on board this year ready to support the community in various areas from mental health to life transitions as well as helping people reach a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.

Stay tuned for future news about our expansion

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