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Self-talk and reaching goals!


Research shows more and more how our self-talk has a direct link with our moods, the way we see ourselves, and our ability to resolve issues and reach our goals. 

We have a set of beliefs that help us meet our needs, healthy or unhealthy. If our needs are to feel safe and stay away from conflict or failure, or reaching our goals, our beliefs will be reinforced by our self-inflicted notion that “we are not good enough to succeed”, so why even try… 

As we engage in our incessant loop of thoughts of unworthiness generating feelings of sadness, inadequacy, and making us feel stuck, we reinforce and strengthen those neuropathways, allowing this vicious cycle to prosper and continue…

But is there a way to derail this pattern and upgrade or rewire our brains? Yes, and this is a BIG YES, but like physical therapy, it takes time, consistency, and dedication. The brain can be compared to a muscle, the more you use it a certain way, the more entrenched that pathway will be, and the stronger it will get. Retraining our brain to improve our self-talk and reach goals will feel awkward at first and will require consciousness and intent. The idea is to retrain it so the new thought pattern becomes natural over time and creates and reinforces new pathways.

Retraining the brain requires having the right insight and knowledge to ask ourselves the right questions. It also helps to use proven processes to teach the brain the proper healthy patterns. Our therapists and coaches are trained in this field and are here to help when needed.

If you are looking for a quick tip on how to trick your brain to better handle challenging situations, here is a thought:

Next time you are faced with uncertainty, a stressful situation, or are doubting yourself, start talking to yourself in the third person.

Instead of “I just don’t know what to do” use “what would (your name) do in that situation?”.

It removes you from the situation, tends to lower the pressure and emotional impact and allows you to better engage your logical brain to resolve or cope with the issue at hand!

The brain is one of our most amazing organs, it is our mainframe, and like computers, upgrades could be quite helpful… The brain and human mind are amazingly resilient and flexible. Scientists call it brain plasticity. We used to think we could not teach an old dog new tricks, research is proving us wrong!

If you want a high performing brain offering you a healthy and optimum life, start training and seeking help when needed! The beginning of each year is a great time to do it so you can follow through on healthy self-talk and reaching your goals for the new year!

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