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As COVID cases start increasing again, preserving our health during the winter and Covid19 will be crucial to our survival.

Of course, following CDC guidelines, the first step is to wear masks, respect social distancing, and wash hands. Another important step is to get our flu shot to avoid catching it and COVID at the same time.

But what are other measures we could easily take?

Certain vitamins and minerals are important to combat viruses and colds such as Vitamin D and Zinc. You can get Vit D by spending quality time outside especially when the sun is shining to rip the benefits of it since your body produces it in response to sunlight exposure. You can also find Vitamin D in dairy products such as milk and cheeses as well as mushrooms, seafood, and fortified foods such as some orange juices and oatmeal.

I personally swear by making my own yogurts which allows me to create a high-quality yogurt with limited amounts of sugar and chemicals that we often find in commercial yogurts. The process is simple especially with a yogurt maker. If interested, you can find the yogurt maker I use on the Laureavida website (our Life and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach partner) at https://www.laureavidawellness.com/cooking-essentials.

Zinc is also an important mineral to boost immune function, reduce oxidative stress, and chronic inflammation.  It helps combat viruses and colds, especially COVID since we know that bodies with inflammation and a lower immune system are at a higher risk for developing a severe case of COVID. You can increase your natural consumption of zinc when you eat meat such as red meat, which should be eaten in moderation, chicken, fish, but also shellfish, nuts, grains and beans, whole grains and veggies such as mushrooms, kale, peas, and asparagus.

Mental health is as important as physical health and should be treated as seriously. Adopting and maintaining a healthy diet is key to staying healthy overall and adopting a healthy lifestyle and mental state is equally important.

Regardless of your family situation, staying connected even virtually with family and friends will help you stay positive and preserve our health during winter and Covid19. If struggling with isolation, depression, anxiety or addiction, know that the first step to seek help is the most important one and we are here to help!

While our social interactions are currently limited, we still have the option of engaging with the outdoors and exercise outside. Research shows that being mindfully in nature lowers blood pressure and increases moods.  Establishing a routine of exercise especially outside before it gets too cold will benefit both your physical and mental health.

As our world has been tossed upside down, it is a great time to connect with ourselves, increase of perception of self, and become more aware of how we fare and adapt with the current circumstances. What we are living as a collective is trauma with such drastic changes in our routine and lifestyles. Becoming more aware of our thoughts and feelings and learning to cultivate positivity and hope is important. Journaling can help us stay more in touch with ourselves and our inner voices. Practicing daily positive affirmations can help us keep a healthy outlook on things as we face various challenges.

Here are a couple of positive affirmations that might help you in our current times:

          Everything will be ok

          I am strong and resilient, and I will survive this

          I will take this opportunity to pause my life and determine what I want to improve in my future

          I will concentrate on what matters to me and make sure I get more of that in the future

          I will take good care of my mind and body and will stay healthy and strong

          I will take one day at a time and each day that passes brings me closer to the end of the pandemic

          This experience is teaching me to appreciate the little things in life that I was previously too busy to notice

Spend a few minutes to create your own affirmation that resonate with you and post it on your fridge, bathroom mirror… Change where you post it every week so you do not get used to where it is located and stop noticing it!

You can also change your affirmation each week to help your mind process various concepts.

What is your favorite affirmation?

If you feel you need additional help, don’t hesitate to check out and contact one of our professionals, click here to meet them.

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