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The world is currently experiencing some unusual times with the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus. Our stress level is high as we worry about our family and friends, our health, our investments, and our jobs. As we are challenged, let’s take the time to evaluate what we can control and let go of what is outside of our control. Strategizing on the things we can control such as keeping a good hygiene and avoiding big crowds will help us feel more secure and lower our anxiety.


Our lives are so busy and now is the time to slowdown and relax. Let’s commit to making the best of Coronavirus! Practicing mindfulness and journaling are great techniques to relax and center ourselves around a more serene inner self. 

The Coronavirus is giving us the perspective to be grateful for the people in our lives and a great time to commit to creating more quality
time with our loved ones when things get back to normal. Of course, technology is allowing us to stay connected but the face to face and physical contact is so crucial to our wellbeing as humans. It is often when something is taken away from us that we get to fully appreciate how important and precious those things are.


As we are encouraged to practice social distancing, cocooning is in! But what does it mean? Spending more time at home could be scary for
some of us who generally have a full schedule and are always on the run.

Even though we are still in early spring, it is now a good time to clean and organize our homes. Spending more time at home can allow us
to reorganize closets, cabinets, and identify all the items we no longer need. Buying new plants for the house helping clean the atmosphere in our rooms or planting flowers in the garden might be a good hobby to consider.

As the threat of the Coronavirus looms upon us, making the best of Coronavirus also means ensuring we keep our immune system strong.

Proper sleep is always a good line of defense. In the next coming weeks, all of us can engage in deep cleaning our bedrooms, revisiting
our bedtime routine, improving our sleeping environment, and increasing our hours of sleep.

Now is not the time to binge on trans-fat loaded cookies or chips but rather eliminate processed foods and go back to the basics. Diet is
crucial for the immune system to stay strong. Unfortunately, SAD (the Standard American Diet) is highly inflammatory to our bodies with our highly processed foods, chemicals, and sugar…. Increasing our veggie and fruit consumption is always a good idea, especially the green leafy vegetables. Now might be a good time to venture out and try new recipes. Our digestive system supported by our gut bacteria is called our “second brain” as it has a direct link to our wellbeing, how we feel, our moods, psyche and plays an important role in our immune system.
Eating a non-inflammatory diet such as the well-known Mediterranean diet will ensure our gut microbiome stays diverse and healthy. If we want to further assist our bodies in keeping a healthy and friendly gut microbiome, taking a pro-biotic might be a good option.

Exercise is also very important to keep our moods elevated and our bodies strong. Not going to the gym as often does not mean stopping exercising. As the weather improves, finding activities outside will help us keep a positive mind and lower our stress. Taking walks, running, or simply enjoying the sunshine would benefit us. More and more studies have shown that our disconnection with the earth and the outdoors has not been positive for our health. Dirt seems to have a bacterium that reinforces our immune system. Trees release a natural bug repellent oil which seems to show beneficial properties to our health when we spend time around them and inhale it. Let’s commit to enjoying more of our backyards.

It is now also a good opportunity to take the time to reflect on our lives and revisit our goals:

Are we heading in the right direction?

Are we in the right job or the right relationship?

Are our goals aligned with our core values and how we want our future to look like?

Are we on track with reaching those goals or have we falling behind or have been sidetracked?

What are our obstacles and how can we address them, so they don’t slow us down?

As we are encouraged to stay home and engage in social distancing, we can use our precious time in validating our life and its course. Life is short
and precious, have we created the life we really wanted?

If you are still stressed and overwhelmed, discouraged or simply need to talk, our team of Licensed Psychotherapists and Certified Health
and Life Coaches are here to help. We can meet you at our office on Johnson Ferry road in Marietta GA or conduct online sessions with you, which could be quite comforting and convenient in a time like this.

And again, social distancing does not mean isolation, stay connected via technology, especially with the people that are important in your
life and enjoy some more quality time with yourself!

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