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Marietta Roswell Counseling was at the Annual Cobb County School Counseling gathering Feb 1st. It was great to reconnect with a few hundred of Cobb County School Counselors. The event was packed and fully booked. Their yearly meeting is designed to give School Counselors the opportunity to meet and discuss issues in schools and share experiences. They can also attend class sessions addressing various hot topics which gives them additional training.

This event is a great opportunity for us, in private practice, to ensure they remember we are available to assist, educate, and support teachers, parents, and kids. It is also a good time for us to investigate their current needs and challenges.

Max, our emotional support golden retriever, was the attraction of the event as usual!

The main topic at the event was the general anxiety and pressure that most kids experience these days and struggle to manage. Self-harming and depression were other issues that School Counselors raised. The increase in anxiety issues, depression, and suicide among teenagers shows a concerning trend that all mental health providers need to address. We strongly believe that a tight relationship between School Counselors and the overall mental health community such as private practitioners will ensure that programs and support are put in place to better assist the community.




Scott was also joined at the event by Raven, our new counselor. We are very pleased for Raven to join our practice since she has extensive experience with kids and adolescents facing various challenges. Raven is a Licensed Social Worker who worked helping families and children reach a healthier lifestyle and improve relationships. Raven has also worked with foster care and is well trained and experienced in handling complicated and challenging situations. We believe she will be an invaluable asset to the practice in supporting East Cobb Schools and the community.  To learn more about Raven and her credentials, you can look at our staff/therapist page where we will post her bio in the coming week.

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