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CAADC: Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor

CCDP-D: Certified Co-Occurring Disorder Professional- Diplomate

CAMS II: Certified Anger Management Specialist, Level II

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Specialty: Addiction Therapy & Recovery, Co-morbid disorders such as Anxiety, Depression…

Clients: Teens and Adults, the person seeking therapy and the family & friends when requested since addiction not only affects the person but also his or her relationships

Hours:  Mondays, Thursdays PM, and Weekends

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Hi, my name is MalIory Long and I offer years of experience as a counselor in helping those who are struggling with addictive substances, along with those who love them. My career began in Indiana, as I was granted the Master in Divinity degree from Christian Theological Seminary, which is a multi-faith/ecumenical graduate school. I had one year post graduate, doctoral preparatory experience in a counseling practicum there. My Bachelor’s degree is from Mercer University, Atlanta. My Masters level certifications are granted by the Georgia Affiliate of the ICRC.

I have served on staff of psychiatric treatment hospitals in Inpatient, Detox, PHP and IOP programs, (Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Programs) for mental health and addiction treatment, Drug Court, MAT (Medication Assisted Treatment) clinics, Opioid Education Programs, and State of Georgia Multiple DUI Offender Treatment settings. I have held positions as counselor, group facilitator, case manager, family counselor, assessment counselor, marketer and utilization reviewer.

When those who are seeking help begin working with me, they usually realize I come from a personal understanding of addiction, of how growing up in a family impacted by addiction then forms many life challenges and a compassion for the process of beginning to change and recover.  I have a focus on validating the courage and bravery that change and recovery takes, especially initially.

I work with those who have never been to a detox/treatment program setting and are exploring how their use of alcohol, drugs, or compulsive behaviors are affecting their life. I also work with those who have been to treatment program after treatment program and continue to relapse. I have extensive experience in working with people experiencing chronic relapse patterns, and their loved ones. I can also offer extensive knowledge about local and national alcohol, drug, and codependency resources.

A highly individualized approach involving a great deal of listening is the foundation of my counseling style. Helping clients feel in control of their sessions is critical to interrupting chronic relapse cycles. Since substance use or addiction create a very profound sense of feeling out of control, being validated and in control during our sessions is a critical first step. This also translates to those experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, increased anger from either growing up in an addicted home, having had an addicted spouse or life partner, an addicted child, etc. 

I offer face to face counseling and Telemental counseling via phone and video conference when appropriate.

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