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LEADER: Sophie, our Certified Life & Health Coach

WHEN: Thursday nights at 7:30pm

Feb 6th to March 12th

WHERE: MRC location suite 200

COST:  6-week class with 6 sessions for a total of $180 ($30/session)

This healthy lifestyle and wellness class has a 6-wk commitment to ensure you have time to make changes to your routine and those changes have become your new baseline. 

You will learn how to better eat and feed your family with the proper ingredients to ensure they stay in good health and feel on top of their game.  Nutrition is a big part of our lives and is responsible for our mental and physical health, affecting our moods, digestion, and various conditions such as ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, heart health, diabetes, and much more. 

Emphasis will also be put on self-care for you and your loved one to achieve the best version of yourself! Self-care is finally given the attention it deserves in our society, but unfortunately, Americans are still overworked and over stressed, creating a society that is not mentally and physically healthy.

Specific strategies will be discussed and goals will be set to make long-lasting changes in your routine, one small step at a time!

You can contact Sophie at Please RSVP so we know how many members you have since we are trying to keep the group small around 10-12 people.

To learn more about Sophie, click on her photo below to access her bio.

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