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LEADERS: Alex Mueller, Financial Advisor, and Sophie Webster, MBA from Emory specialized in Finance and Certified Life and Health Coach

WHEN: Tuesday evenings from 7:30 to 8:30 pm

Feb 4th to March 10th, 2020

WHERE: MRC location suite 200

COST:  6-week class with 6 sessions for a total of $180 ($30/session) 

We are about to move to a new year and we are all setting goals for 2020! Finances are always a big part of our lives and are often a painful subject. 

It does not have to be a tough subject to address if we are properly educated about it and work on improving our relationship with money! 

Learn from two experts, Alex Mueller, Financial Advisor, and Sophie Webster, MBA from Emory specialized in Finance and Certified Life and Health Coach.

Alex will be our guest speaker for a few of the 12 sessions to educate you on all money matters so you will be in a perfect position to succeed in your financial goals. Sophie will explore with you your relationship with money and how to improve it so you can be successful at reaching your goals. 

In that support group, you will be able to define what beliefs are serving you and the ones that are a detriment to your financial wellness. Based on your newly acquired knowledge, you will set new goals for 2020, decide on a strategy, and get the guidance to implement your strategy successfully. 

Because money and financial situations could be a touchy subject, all information and conversations shared in the class shall remain confidential. Goals will be set as a percentage versus straight numbers to help protect the confidentiality of all members. 

Members will learn from Alex and Sophie but also from other members of the group who are welcome to share their experiences and struggles.

The set up of this support group is quite unique because it has 3 components that most financial classes miss: it is addressing not only the financial education but also the psychological side of finances and giving you expert guidance on setting a strategy and implementing it.

All our groups at MRC have strict guidelines of a non-judgmental, safe, positive and empowering atmosphere. Our groups are no more than 10 participants to offer each individual the maximum value so don’t wait to register. You can email us at for request of a detailed agenda and/or registration.

The class has a commitment of 6 sessions commitment, 1 session/week. Changing habits, especially bad habits takes time and commitment. To increase your chances of a successful outcome and successful long-lasting habit change, the most effective option is a class over several weeks where you receive consistent professional guidance, encouragement, and support. 

A small screening interview before registration will take place to ensure you are the right candidate and this class is a good fit for your situation.

To learn more about Sophie, click on her photo below.

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